Hardwood Refinishing


Many years of wear and tear on your hardwood floors leave them with scratches, sun damage, water damage, and much more. When damage is extensive, it's time to have your floors refinished. 


Whether you are repairing an existing wood floor or installing a new hardwood floor, sanding is part of the process. Sanding used to be a terribly messy process spreading dust throughout your home and forcing homeowners to vacate until the job was finished and the mess cleaned up.


Naturally, when we found out about a sanding system that got rid of all the hassle, we jumped on it. Our dustless sanding system, by Intertek, eliminates the mess and clean-up frustration of having your existing hardwood floors refinished or new hardwood floors installed. The Oneida Dust Cobra HEPA Dustless system, traps all airborne dust before it can spread throughout your home.


Step 1: Inspection Estimate

Our expert techniciand inspect your hardwood to determine the extent to which it is damaged. We provide your with a reasonable estimate to restore your hardwood flooring. 


Step 2: Sanding

In order to remove layers of scratches and imperfections, FloorTechs sands down the hardwood flooring. 


Step 3: Staining

Once the hardwood is sanded, it is ready for new staining. We match your hardwood floor's stain color to renew its look. 


Step 4: Finishing

After Staining, we add a new layer of polyurethane to your hardwood flooring, which gives it a finished look. 


Step 5: Customer Approval

As always, our job isn't finished until our customers are satisfied. 


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